Firstly, this took me ages to read because of the setting I have never touched anything Dagestani before, so all cultural references and all the vocabulary from their five million ethnic groups Islam related terminology was lost on me Every time a new term was used often 3 in one Kindle page there was an explanation within brackets Needless to say, I didn t exactly write these down and I don t have a perfect memory, so the next time they appeared No idea what they meant Tons of words weren t in my Ru Ru Kindle dictionary either, nor on Yandex, and I hate having to Google as a THIRD OPTION when reading a book So, language wise, it was demanding.
That would have been perfectly fine if I d been invested in the characters But no The author doesn t create any sort of bond with any character in the book This story is too preoccupied with showing an alternativ A refreshing new voice in Russian literature by 2011 Iowa International Writing Program alumna Alisa Ganieva s The Mountain and the Wall, translated from the Russian by my graduate school mentor, Carol Apollonio, with a great introduction by Ronald Meyer of Columbia University s Harriman Institute.
This is a pretty damn amazing book the first novel ever in English from the Russian republic of Dagestan, and a debut novel that offers a completely new voice in Russian literature a woman, Muslim, from Dagestanit s a truly great read.
And I love it so much I ve just signed Ganieva s second novel, Bride Groom, which I ll publish in early 2017.
Before Has Russian Literature Produced Such An Honest And Complete Picture Of Today S Caucasus Kommersant Weekend Russia The Mountain And The Wall Is A Major Event In Contemporary Russian Literature Ulrich M Schmid, Neue Z Rcher Zeitung Germany This Remarkable Debut Novel By A Unique Young Russian Voice Portrays The Influence Of Political Intolerance And Religious Violence In The Lives Of People Forced To Choose Between Evils The Mountain And The Wall Download Epub Format Å Праздничная гора PDF by ↠´ Alisa Ganieva Focuses On Shamil, A Young Local Reporter In Makhachkala, And His Reactions, Or Lack Thereof, To Rumors That The Russian Government Is Building A Wall To Cut Off The Muslim Provinces Of The Caucasus From The Rest Of Russia As Unrest Spreads And The Tension Builds, Shamil S Life Is Turned Upside Down, And He Can No Longer Afford To Ignore The Violence Surrounding HimWith A Fine Sense For Mounting Catastrophe, Alisa Ganieva Tells The Story Of The Decline Of A Society Torn Apart By Its Inherent ExtremesAlisa Ganieva, Born In , Grew Up In Makhachkala, Dagestan Her Literary Debut, The Novella Salaam, Dalgat , Won The Prestigious Debut Prize InShortlisted For All Of Russia S Major Literary Awards, The Mountain And The Wall Is Her First Novel, And Has Already Been Translated Into Several Languages Ganieva Lives In Moscow, Where She Works As A Journalist And Literary CriticCarol Apollonio, PhD, Is A Professor Of Slavic And Eurasian Studies At Duke University Her Most Recent Translations Include German Sadulaev S The Maya Pill Dalkey Archive,And New Versions Of Anton Chekhov Stories unexpected and priceless find, courtesy of fembooks on livejournal alisa ganieva is a young moscow born daghestan writer her first short story, salam tebe, dalgat won the debut literary prize in 2009 is her first longform novel, a just a step ahead dystopia extrapolation on daghestan s current existence, and it was a mortifying, exhilarating, painful and wonderful read for me she s literally the only writer i know who effortlessly mimics the language i grew up with, russian language through the lens of fifty conflicting local ones, the convoluted street argot that conquers everybody from gopnik boys to government body, the sprinkling of islamic terms and she s the only writer in my memory who had, with breathless scope, drawn this bright, vibrant, horrifying, complicated Knowing nothing really about Dagestan other than it s where the Boston Marathon bombers family came from, reading this novel feltlike being dipped into an experience than following a plot The premise is that Russia decides to separate itself from the strife and turmoil of the North Caucasian region by building a wall A handful of intertwined characters react to this development and reveal the intricate strands making up this knotty society roughly 34 different ethnic groups Shamil a journalist Asya an awkward, young, bookish girl Mahmud Tagirovich a writer past his prime and Madina Shamil s fiance who leaves him and marries one of the Islamic fundamentalists trying to wrest Dagestan out of the clutches of the West and tuck it into a caliphate I m reminded of something a reviewer said about Orhan Pamuk Yine insan insandan ay ran bir duvar ama neyse ki bu sefer kurgu Rusya , bir duvar rmeyi planlayarak m sl manlar n ya ad Da stan daki b lgeyi Rusya dan ay r yor ve resmen halk kaderiyle ba ba a b rak yor Bunu f rsat bilen cihat lar h zl bir ekilde y netime ele ge irip Bir din kinin, fkenin ellerine ge ti inde korkun bir y netim ekline ve zulme d n veriyor zg rl kler, e itlilik ve renklilik h zla kayboluyor Yak n tarihte rneklerinin ok g r ld eriat y netimine ge i i anlat yor.
Sineman n , m zi in yasakland k t phanelerin yerle bir edildi i bir Da stan Ben bir tavsiye zerine hediye edilmesi sonucu okudum kitab ve ok severek okudum zerinde uzun uzun konu ulabilecek olan amil ve Medine isimleri bu tarz korkun ge i s re leri i in ok nemli birer fig r olarak tan t r l yor bizlerle Kitap olas bir ger e i ve korkunun r n olarak sunulmu bizlere Bir ekilde yazar Alis å Праздничная гора Ã The Mountain and the Wall tells the interwoven stories of a community being undone It is set in Dagestan, but could have taken place anywhere from the former Yugoslavia to Indonesia In part it is the story of Wahhabism arising in the vacuum left by a retreating authoritarianism and weak or corrupt quasi democratic civil authorities How many times did scenes in this book play out in small villages across the Middle East in the last 3 years It would be selling the book short if that was all that I focused on, and truthfully the pernicious ism could have taken any flavor and the characters would have still been compelling If you like Camus The Stranger and its anti hero I think the main protagonist will appeal to you, though he is not Meursault transposed to Dagestan.
I found him to be quite un chivalrous and with a very satisfying if subtle moral arc to his story.

First published in 2012 Alisa Ganieva s novel is a powerful work Taking her native Dagestan as her subject she imagines a situation in which Islamism grips the contemporary state as it is in turn physically cut off from Russia Given the tragedy of Islamist uprisings which have torn through the region her premise is not that hard to imagine She convincingly describes the slow encroachment of the Islamists who bare an uncanny resemblance to ISIS which was beginning to wreak terror through Syria as she wrote and the surprise and incomprehension of much of the population as their certainties and accepted way of life begins to disintegrate around them Woven into this are the day to day lives and histories of families and individuals, their weddings, loves and Alissa Ganijewa geh rt zu einer neuen jungen Generation russischer Schriftsteller Eine erste Probe ihres K nnens lieferte sie mit der KurzgeschichteSalam, Dalgat , die Suhrkamp in einer Anthologie mit dem vielversprechenden Titel Das Sch nste Proletariat der Welt ver ffentlicht hat Darin thematisierte sie bereits die widerspr chlichen und komplizierten Verh ltnisse in ihrer Heimat Dagestan Dagestan ist eine russische Teilrepublik im Kaukasus Von einer Vielzahl von Ethnien bev lkert und wie die Nachbarrepublik Tschetschenien, der Bedrohung radikaler Islamisten ausgesetzt Eine un bersichtliche, spannungsreiche Gemengelage, zu der die russischen Sicherheitskr fte mit ihrem kompromisslosen Vorgehen ihren Teil beitragen.
In ihrem Deb troman Die russische Mauer, greift Ganijewa diese Problemlage erneut auf In einer nahen Zukunft beschlie t Russland sich endg ltig Let me make a quick note for anyone who is considering reading this book there is a Glossary at the back I only found it as I finished the book, and had spent the majority of the novel just context clue ing unfamiliar terms, and it would have been helpful to know up front So, there you go you re welcome.
I ll admit, geography especially Eastern European geography is not a strong point for me So, I think I might have been aware that a county named Degestan existed prior to starting this novel, but I doubt I would swear to it But, this a novel about Degestan, written by a woman actually from there, which I gather from the prologue is a rare thing It is about a Russia s fictional decision to build a wall between themselves and the Caucasus republics to shield themselves from the mounting tension and escalating violence

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