Italian Has Already Inspired Thousands Of People To Learn Italian From Scratch And Find The Confidence To Give It A Go Combining The Bestselling Talk Italian With Talk ItalianThis Pack Will Take You From Absolute Beginner To Confident Italian SpeakerIts Straightforward, Proven Approach Has Already Inspired Thousands Of People To Learn Italian And Whether For Business, Travel Or Just For Fun Youll Soon Able To Engage In Increasingly Sophisticated Conversations And Express Opinions On Ú Talk Italian Box Set (Book/CD Pack): The ideal course for learning Italian - all in one pack Þ Download by Ú Alwena Lamping A Wide Range Of Subjects From Food To Property, As Well As Get To Know People And Cope Confidently In Everyday SituationsWith Specially Designed Activities, Interactive Audio And Clear, Jargon Free Grammar Explanations Youll Quickly Develop Your Language Skills And Make Genuine Progress Right From The Start Make Real Progress Using The Successful Talk Method Develop Your Language Skills With Tips And Strategies To Help You Learn Express Yourself Confidently Through Taking Part In Real Italian ConversationsAlso Available For French, German And SpanishInside This PackX Full Colour Course books X Audio CDs Bbactivelanguages I struggled with languages at school but really wanted to learn Italian This was easy to follow and quite engaging I like the teaching method and feel reasonably confident I will be able to engage in some communication when I return to Italy next year If you struggle with languages you will find this approach easy to follow.

Great little set Started using this in an Italian evening class and continued to just play the CD in the car Great for the conversational basics.
Despite being brand new and sealed, CD 1 of Talk 1 was missing from the pack.

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