Interesting collection of short stories Some that made me think A LOT Not as good as her novels, but still worth a read.
It Was First Published In , Satyr of the Subway Consisted Of Twelve Stories, Each Worked Around A Dramatically Different Situation Ranging From The Mundane To The Bizarre This Revised Edition Includes Three New Stories And Incorporates Occasional Alterations To Text, Some Marginal, Some Significant, Where The Writer Has Revisited Her Characters Or Situations Long After She First Created Them The Result Is A Fascinating Collection Of Stories That Traverse The Entire Gamut Of Human Emotion, Penetrating In Their Insight Into Male ☆ Satyr of the Subway ✓ Download by Ó Anita Nair Female Relationships And Seriously Funny In Their Take On The Futility Of Expectations From Life Or From Lovers OK ish expectedfrom her not very good Barely finished Weird and bizarre stories With nothing to grip interest Û Satyr of the Subway Ö Short stories from bangalore

just starting, i wil give u feedback soon Another book with multiple short storiesSome good.
some really arbitand most importantly no story is spectacular I bought this because of Anita Nair s name but not impressed at allavoidable at best enjoyed this collection of stories, many different voices and characters, situations, places first time i m reading short stories by her, rest have all been novels essays, i think her story telling skils remain quite potent nevertheless overall 3 5 is fair enough methinks.

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