By Yoshimoto [Banana Yoshimoto] ✓ Goodbye Tsugumi [dc-comics PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ï Banana Ï Goodbye Tsugumi Ï This is another Banana weird and funny story If you ever met an intriguing provocative person that ususally gets on your nerves this book might make you take a fresh look at his or her character and embrace his or her eccentricity

An adventure in translation Yoshimoto wrote in Japanese I bought this translated into Italian and used an English translation of the Japanese to help read the Italian Tsugumi is a very ill teenager who is oppositional, snag nasty and a miserable little bitch She enjoys playing nasty tricks on people thinking they re funny Ha ha let s put some maple syrup in your hair.
The people around her cut her a lot of slack because of her frail health The narrator thinks that notwithstanding her foibles, Tsugumi is well, Tsugumi Reminds me of the saying that everyone likes a nice guy, but we just love a scoundrel Until they steal your car and wallet,try to have sex with your dog and set fire to your house Then they aren t so cute The narrator s family story is of in Reading Yoshimoto is a good counter to the Philip Roth I ve been reading lately Whereas Roth s prose is energetic and in your face, Yoshimoto s flows like a gentle stream Even the little tirades of Tsugumi, Yoshimoto s bratty title character, has nothing of the unsettling energy of a character like Roth s Portnoy Instead, Yoshimoto s stories have a beauty that is almost ethereal Granted, I have yet to be moved as much as I was by Yoshimoto s first novel, Kitchen Still, this novel came close.
It is the story of a young woman, Tsugumi, who has been dying since the day she was born from some unnamed illness Except that she continues to live despite occasional lapses into sickness But her seeming physical weakness and poor health has made all those around her cater to her relentlessly and she has grown into a spoiled and mean young woman The story is told by Maria, a friend of Tsugumi s T

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