AmazingI absolutely loved this book, I laughed, cried and got angry So many emotions in so many different directions I couldn t put it down, stayed up way to late on a work night I Can t wait for the next one to see what happens Way to go Bella Forrest another great and must read.
I couldn t put it down I ve been a Bella Forest fan for quite a while and have read many of her books Her writing has a way of hoping you from the get go and holding onto you throughout the book Every time I started reading, I hated to put it down but then picked it up and started reading again I just finished this book today and am bummed I can t get the next book Oct 28th can t come soon enough.
This book has romance, action, emotion, and wonderfulness that will keep you enthralled I highly recommend it Don T Exist At Least, Not Any I Celebrated When Vampires Were Declared ExtinctThose Beasts Had Preyed On Humanity For Millennia, Committing Senseless, Brutal Murders Like The Rest Of My Colleagues At The Occult Bureau, I Looked Forward To A World Where We Could All Sleep At Night Where Constant Cover Up Jobs Were No Longer Required To Keep The Public Calm And UnawareBut The End Of Vampires Wasn T The End Of Our ò read Ò Darklight (Darklight, #1) by Bella Forrest ¹ Problems It Was Only The BeginningOther Blood Sucking Creatures Began To Lurk In The Night As Soon As I Turned Twenty One, I Became A Ground Agent At The Bureau Because I Wanted No, Needed To Join The FightAnd Then Dorian Clave Burst Into My Life Turning Everything I Thought I Knew Into Quicksand Vampires Like Him Were Killers Who Devoured Humanity S Inner Darkness Until Shadows Danced Beneath Their Skin Yet There Was To Him Than ThatHe Showed Me That Light Cannot Exist Without The Dark, And That Trying To Fight This Balance Would Have Consequences Our Human Minds Couldn T Even ComprehendBecause Sometimes Darkness Needs To Exist Buy Now Beware Of Spoilers In The Reviews Below That Are Without Spoiler Alerts Such a great Story Bella Forrest has the greatest imagination I ve ever read from an author She writes books that make you feel like you are there seriously apart of the story She is the best writer I have ever come across I love her supernatural stories, especially the vampire ones This idea was new though, with vampires being able to sense and feed on only bad humans What an interesting idea Also, I love the build up with her characters and the love forming slowly.
The only bad part is waiting a month and a half for the next book So bummed ✓ Darklight (Darklight, #1) ✓ Captivating read I love this new take on vampires, it s such an interesting twist that I m invested in seeing pan out The concept of balancing good evil light dark is something that I think will be explored further in each instalment The romance is great as well, I m totally rooting for Lyra and Dorian already and for a couple of the side characters too I am just gutted I have to wait for the next book, I really want to continue the story now Loved it I was a little skeptical about this new series before I read this book I wasn t sure if they were going to be the typical vampire storyline or similar to the Shade which I Love I was pleasantly surprised This book was really good I actually like that these vampires and their characteristics are so different from most vampire stories This book was definitely a page turner Can t wait to read the next book Slow goingEverything in this book just happened too easily I was relieved at the end when the perfectness finally fell apart People just don t get over prejudices that easily It seemed unrealistic I also wasn t crazy about the romance It felt forced The writing was okay, but I needauthenticity Even a vampire book needs to come across as realistic in the world that s described.
Wow wow wow Absolutely brilliant I love how Bella has created a whole new twist on vampires This book had me on the edge of my seat and left me unable to put it down I was hooked I honestly can t recommend this book enough I love the shade books but I can see this series being one of my favourites Bella always manages to create characters that we can instantly warm to I cant wait for the next one.

A refreshing take on the vampire mythHonestly, I m fed up with vampire novels They re just not my thing If I never saw another vampire novel it would be too soon But a late night, a hunger for something to read before bed, an empty Kindle app lineup, and a new offering from an author with other books I ve enjoyed most notably the Harley Merlin series culminated in my downloading a novel I d normally skip over without a second thought.
And I won t lie I almost shut the book down for good after the first ten pages I d thought it was going to be a fantasy novel about vampiric birds, not vampires Bait and switch Yes, there are vampiric birds, but after the dramatic opening scene, they become secondary players to the main attraction you guessed it vampires.
The catch is that Bella Forrest has created a universe in which vampires aren t the evil carriers of an undead virus that What an awesome book This is not Bella s traditional vampire book, but it was phenomenal Im convinced that anything she writes is ALWAYS going to be over the top This book was great I don t know how she was able to separate herself from her A Shade Of Vampire books to create a whole new type of vampire and give it a twist with a syfy effect You wont be disappointed It had me on the edge of my seat I was so jittery with excitement to find out what was going to happen next it was hard to sit still I cant wait to readabout these characters and get to knowabout them along with new romances

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