ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review A deep sensual provocative romance that is utterly hypnotic CD Reiss has boldly written one of the finest, thought provoking erotic romance that flawlessly and meticulously captures every raw emotions and facets of love in her latest release, Marriage Games This book was visceral, touching, emotional, and sensual It was everything you would expect from a CD Reiss novel Can t you feel it I mean , it can t be just me You re in this marriage too But then I think you re not and you never were Marriage Games is an erotic romance that takes you by surprise It is unlike any erotic BDSM novel that I have read as CD takes readers on a journey down the proverbial rabbit hole where the past and present collides in a brilliant fashion From the opening page to the very last page, readers are left spellbound to CD s poetic and stunning prose ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review Sexy, Kinky and one the best reads of 2016 Oh my god What did I just read It floored me I loved it, I hated it, but I couldn t put the darn book down I had to know how it was going to end, and just when I thought I had it all figured out, C.
D Reiss jumbled everything up in a ball and tossed it out the window What I was left with was a cliffhanger Did I mind Heck no I will be stalking this author to find out when the next installment becomes available.
Diana Steinbeck is a proud, na ve woman who has just asked her husband for a divorce The catch she wants complete control of their company.
Adam Steinbeck is prepared to give Diana what she wants on one condition she spends thirty days in a remote cabin with him first.
Oh and I may have left out a little tidbit of infoAdam is one of those ruthless, commanding alpha type guys who also happens t DAYSThat S All Adam Steinbeck Demands Of His WifeThirty Days In A Remote Cottage, Doing Everything He Demands After That, He Ll Sign Her Divorce Papers And Give Her Complete Ownership Of Their CompanyIRTY DAYSThat S How Long He Has To Rediscover The Man He Once Was The Dominant Master He Hid When He Fell In Love With Her Five Years Ago THIRTY DAYSShe Wants The Business They Built Badly Enough ↠´ Marriage Games È Download by » C.
Reiss To Go To The Cottage For A Month Cut Off Ties To The World And Do His Bidding She Can Submit To Him With Her Body, But Her Heart Will Never YieldShe Thinks This Is His Pathetic Attempt To Repair Their MarriageShe S Wrong THIS BOOK OWNED ME I hated it I loved it It made me feel things I didn t want to feel It forced me to embrace these characters and step into their shoes I felt what they felt I ached when they ached It was disastrously BEAUTIFUL and I wouldn t have changed a thing Shocking Poetic Intense There is NOTHINGinvigorating than experiencing a CD Reiss bookNOTHINGDo you hate your husband I never hated him You re about toOk, so don t let that first part of my review scare you If you know this author s work, then you know what I m talking about when I say that she never gives us LESS than shocking in her novels What fun would that be, right One thing, I went into Marriage Games not knowing that it was a duet You know why Because when CD Reiss writes a book, I don t ask questions So, this is why I was so stunned by the ending Book one in The Games Duet, gives us two part 5 LET ME LOVE YOU STARS HOLY HELL I don t even know what to say I Don t Even Know.
I need a drink or twenty.
My mind is just blown Blown My heart is all over the place My soul was consumed by the breath taking journey I went on with Adam and Diana Oh God The feels They made me feel raw and vulnerable and just EVERYTHING.
CD Reiss writing held me captive from start to finish Marriage Games owned me One hundred percent I couldn t put it down I never wanted it to end I am dying all the deads because I need book two NOW.
I have a theory.
My theory is that CD Reiss did a plane load of research about Doms and Subs and the BDSM community Not just any type of plane But an AirBus 380 load of research And she took copious amounts of notes Which was then, painstakingly, info dumped through Adam, our male protagonist.
Reiss told us which paddle type is most suitable for, well, paddling ass IdontcareShe tells us that the Dom Sub community is a close knit one, one where they look out for each other whocaresApparently, it s procedure for the Dominant to ask a simple question when it might be hard for the sub to remember their safe word It let the sub know the Dom was concerned It was the equivalent of hey how are you doing over there StilldontcareDid you know the Dom Sub relationship is all about power and trust That the Sub does not get to argue with the Dom or that, a good ¶ Marriage Games ☆ NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, BITCHES Marriage Games is the first in The Games Duet from author C.
D Reiss and it was exceptional There hasn t been a single word that this author has typed, edited and pushed out into the reading world that I have not fallen in utter love with, but this book THIS BOOK was so muchAdam Steinbeck woke up like every other day but today was so much different than any before A note That was all it took to turn his life upside down He knew the moment he saw Diana that he was going to love her Marry her Give up anything and everything to have her But nothing prepared him for the note and her admitting she was walking away But Adam isn t going down without a fight Losing Diana has Adam questioning everything Was giving up his dominance for her love a mistake Was Diana submissive Did his omission doom th More than a book, this book was life, real life I felt their heartache, love, frustration and every emotion they had, so you can imagine how good this was and how good the writing is Adam and Diana story will grip you and will give you a book hangover buy don t worry the second part comes on January 3rd But really dive in this book prepare to read something new, to maybe at first don t like the characters much but hang in there, well the story is so good that you won t put it down, you will learn to understand them once the story progress and you will love them I can t wait for next one.

I don t I can t Diana I can relate to her In SO many waysIt s like a puzzle which piece fits here or there And you think you have it almost together and you realize it s all jumbled up at the end What you thought was the side piece really belongs on the bottom and now what the fuck do I do What do I do with that cliffhanger Throw the kindle Throw myself on the floor at CD s feet and beg for the rest Cuz I ll do it I could go on and on about CD s writing and how it always feels like poetry on a page but I ve said that before Nothing has changed there Marriage Games is exquisite disclaimer I just finished this book and my mind is a little messed up so this review may not make sense but whatever Buy the damn book It s fucking great.
LOVED IT 6Stars We re all searching for that epic read and in Marriage Games I found a gem Layered to make me think about the characters, their reasons why and predict what they might do or feel in the future The story is written with a touch of brilliance turning words on the writing canvas into crystal clear pictures where every element and nuance of word, thought and emotion carries the story forward ensuring the perfect development in all areas and propelling the story into my forever favourites Everything about it from the unique, accessible to all story arc, to the stunning erotic prose laced with dominance, submission and a delicate sadness, all of it captured my attention and ultimately my heart The story begins with the depiction of a marriage that is brok

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