This was my first book by this author and I thoroughly enjoyed it I always like reading books set in Scandinavia and this one gave me lots of lovely descriptions of snow and beautiful Swedish settings I enjoyed the romance between Erica and Patrik and felt it only added to the overall story The mystery was suitably mysterious and I solved it just before the police did except that the solution was so horrible I did not want to believe it I raced my way through this book and only put it down once when I just had to sleep whether I liked it or not I have not researched yet what else Camilla L ckberg has written but I will be on the look out for .
Not the best book of the Hedstrom series but it was ok fast paced as always but I was a bit disappointed by the ending Not quite what I expected I think in her effort to avoid a predictable ending, Lackberg chooses an outsider as the killer, which is the reason why I gave this book 3 stars Lackbergs has an impeccable writing style, so if you are a lover of the genre you should move on with The Preacher and The stonecutter both of which were just shy of 5 stars.
TONS OF SPOILERS TO SAVE YOU THE EFFORT OF READING THIS HORRIBLE BOOK Could this be worse We have one family that runs a town and the 100% evil, snooty aristocratic mother with TWO sociopathic sons one natural, one adopted The natural one rapes both boy AND girl children The adopted one sets fires and commits fratricide before the age of 12 There s a 100% piggy grope y police chief without redeeming qualities There s a 100% piggy, grope y brother in law without redeeming qualities he practically twirls his non existent mustache The murder victim is one of the most beautiful women who has ever walked the earth, and she s not only secretly pregnant, but had been secretly pregnant before and is that her earlier s No es una obra maestra del suspenso, pero logr mantener mi inter s y la intriga por saber qui n era el asesino Adem s, mezcla varios otros componentes que rondan el entorno de Erica, la protagonista, como la relaci n que nace entre ella y uno de los polic as encargados del caso y la violencia intrafamiliar que sufre su hermana que a mi parecer no qued suficientemente resuelta.
Me gust el estilo de Camilla L ckberg y la forma en que va presentando los acontecimientos, por ejemplo, el hecho que los primeros indicios de la investigaci n nos los traspasara Erica, quien hab a sido amiga de la infancia de la v ctima y que adem s fue quien la encontr muerta, para luego, pasada la mitad del libro, la batuta la lleve Patrick, el polic a que est investigando el caso O I think there must be something about the Scandinavian winter that just makes murder mysteries darker andatmospheric and this one, fist in Camilla L ckberg s Fj llbacka series is no exception.
Erica Falck, a writer has returned to Fj llbacka after the death of her parents to pack up their belongs and decide what to do with their house An old childhood friend, Alex Wijkner has also recently been spending some weekends in her old house but just after Erica arrive, Alex is found dead in an icy bath tub with her wrists slashed The police investigation into whether Alex s death was suicide or murder uncovers secrets kept for decades and some terrible truths about the past.
The novel was a little slow and not as lean as it could have been The police seemed to miss some

I m shocked The cover of this book boasts that this is an international bestseller The back of the book says, Ice cold suspense from Sweden s new Agatha Christie This book was not very good Normally I d say that maybe there was something lost in translation, but I don t think that s the whole problem.
And now a list of grievances 1 It seemed like all the characters who were good guys were pretty handsome And the bad guys or people you were supposed to dislike were fat and ugly There was this oversimplification that just felt lazy.
2 There was a subplot Erica s sister s drama that was never completed Maybe there s a sequel Even still, there should have been SOME kind of mention at the end about it.
3 When one of the characters found a clue Erica or Patrik they would fin ↠´ Isprinsessan ¾ After finishing Stieg Larsson s fabulous trilogy, it is only natural for me to hunt forSwedish authors writing criminal genre novels and Camilla L ckberg happened to be the next one on the list at least in my town library s list.
It is quite funny how Swedish writers tend to write their books in a batch of three as a trilogy and Isprinsessen which literally means The Ice Princess in English is the first of the three Another similarity with Larsson s book that strikes me the most is that how the writer described the main character s family relations and background so well that these information would could be related with what s coming or happening in the next book It s perhaps a way to make the main character to bepersonal andfamiliar to the read This has to be one of the worst mystery novels I ve read so far In fact, I m not even sure if it s supposed to be mystery More like character discovers x clue, reader is not told what it actually contains, character suddenly reveals it much later on in a really dramatic, Scooby Doo fashion And this happened throughout all the book Then there was the narrative In the beginning, I thought it was a translation issue Verbal tenses seemed inconsistent, there was some really awkward phrasing, a lot of events seemed to be mentionedthan once without adding anything But no that was simply the style of the writer Dull and repetitive Sometimes really irrelevant descriptions of places, situations or characters were made Sometimes those descriptions were retold, just because Then there were the characters themselv First published as Isprinsessan in Sweden and in 2004, I read and enjoyed the English translation by Steven T Murray published in 2010.
Lackberg s prose is spirited and fresh and her contribution to the Nordic Noir genre of crime fiction is well stated Telling the story of an unusual murder in the Swedish village of Fj llbacka, with some interesting twists and turns, the author s greatest achievement here is her crisp characterization and filling the narrative with a cast of colorful players and some attention grabbing sub plots Most notable is her exploration of themes of family, loyalty and the nature of propriety in a small town.
The one failing here, and it is relatively minor, though, is that as good as her characterization is for the most part, some of the antagonists are strawman caricatures with one dime Var Dsligt Och Tomt Kylan Tr Ngde In I Alla Vr R En Tunn Hinna Av Is Hade Bildats I Badkaret Hon Hade B Rjat Anta En L Tt Bl Aktig Ton Han Tyckte Att Hon S G Ut Som En Prinsessa D R Hon L G En Isprinsessa Golvet Han Satt P Var Iskallt, Men Kylan Bekymrade Honom Inte Han Str Ckte Ut Handen Och R Rde Vid Henne Blodet P Trailer Æ Isprinsessan PDF by ✓ Camilla Läckberg Hennes Handleder Hade F R L Nge Sedan Stelnat K Rleken Till Henne Hade Aldrig Varit Starkare Han Smekte Hennes Arm, Som Om Han Smekte Den Sj L Som Nu Flytt Kroppen Han V Nde Sig Inte Om N R Han Gick Det Var Inte Adj , Utan P TerseendeI Debutromanen Isprinsessan F Rl Gger Camilla L Ckberg Handlingen Vintertid Till Sin Hemort Fj Llbacka Och L Ter Morden V Xa Fram Ur Sm Stadsandans S Mre Sidor Hon Tecknar Ett Portr Tt Av Ett Slutet Samh Lle D R Alla, P Gott Och Ont, Vet Allt Om Varandra Och D R Det Yttre Skenet Har Stor Betydelse N Got Som Under Fel Omst Ndigheter Kan Bli Desdigert

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