The ever youthful and impulsive Lord Ickenham, Uncle Fred to his friends, knocks the silk hat off the head of overbearing dishpot and barrister Sir Raymond Beefy Bastable with a Brazil nut This whim has unforeseen consequences Bastable, rather than saying young blood and letting it go at that, writes a novel called Cocktail Time savaging the irresponsible younger generation Because he s running for Parliament, he uses a pen name, of course When the book unexpectedly becomes a best seller, he bribes his nephew to claim authorship This turns into blackmail, and it s up to Uncle Fred to save Bastable from being outed as the author, bring together some sundered couples including the butler, Peasemarch , and leave everyon My first PG Wodehouse book The back of the book, which calls it a hilarious jab at the publishing industry, drew me in, and while it wasn t as publishing centric as I d hoped, it lived up to the hilarious part I was charmed by the characters, the humor, and the twisting plot This book, to quote the first page, left me feeling as bumps a daisy as billy o I look forward to readingWodehouse books Earl Of Ickenham, Remains Young At Heart So It Is For Him The Act Of A Moment To Lean Out Of The Drones Club Window With A Catapult And Ping The Silk Top Hat Off His Grumpy In Law, The Distinguished Barrister Sir Raymand BastableUnfortunately Things Don T End ThereThe Sprightly Earl Finds That His Action Has Inspired A Scandalous Bestseller And A Film Script But This Is As Nothing Compared With The Entangled Fates Of The Couples That Surround Him And Which Only His Fabled Sweetness [P.
Wodehouse] ✓ Cocktail Time [faith PDF] read Online ↠´ And Light Can Unravel Many people have recommended P.
G Wodehouse to me many times, and now I have finally read one of his books I had no particular reason for choosing Cocktail Time as my first Wodehouse experience I went to a used bookstore for the first time here in my new town, and at the back of the shop was a small bookcase full of very new looking Wodehouse books With no idea where to begin, I looked to the proprietor for some advice He was the very idea of a used bookstore proprietor older, with a somewhat detached air that made it seem like he was always slightly surprised I was still around and, of course, he only accepted cash My plea fell on deaf ears, though He rebuked me, I never give recommendations, and proceeded to give a semi helpful lecture on the different strands of Wodehouse s oeuvre.
So I shrugged and took Cocktail Time and Carry On, Jee Uncle Freddy really is fantastic Spreading goodness and life wherever he goes This was my first encounter with Uncle Fred I found it quite amusing but not a patch on Jeeves and Wooster.
Cocktail Time ☆ 4.
5 for this audiobook edition narrated by Jonathan CecilThis 3rd book in the Uncle Fred series was hilarious His nephew Pongo Twisleton having been married in the previous book, Lady Ickenham Uncle Fred s wife has no choice but to deposit him with his godson Johnny while she is elsewhere she doesn t trust him on his own, for good reason Typical Wodehousian convolutions occur but one aspect of this that stood out for me is the fun Wodehouse has with authors, publishers and critics in this Sir Raymond Beefy Bastable, a neighbor of Johnny s, is prompted towrite his expos of the younger generation, a novel so shocking that it caused endless repercussions for its hapless author, sparked off a whole series of outrageous misunderstandings, and required the inventive talents of Lord Ickenham himself to resolveas the blurb puts it I can easil

What a delightful story It all started when Uncle Fred pegged Beefy Bastable with a Brazil nut Beefy, a prominent barrister with political aspirations, writes a scathing novel about the youth of today after Uncle Fred tells him he can t Once completed, Beefy realizes that a man in his position can t be responsible for such a thing and convinces his shiftless nephew, Cosmo Wisdom, to take credit for it Enter Oily Carlisle and his wife, who convince Cosmo that blackmail is the best course of action Cosmo writes a letter that becomes the source of all sorts of trouble Throw in the usual Wodehouse plot elements like impersonation, unrequited love, people short on money, and Uncle Fred weaving a tapestry of lies and you have a hilarious tale on your hands It never ceases to amaze me how Wodehouse manages to weave his tales together You always know Uncle Fred continues to spread sweetness and light, but this for me, it didn t measure up to the previous books It has all the trademark Wodehouse wit, Uncle Fred meddles in everybody s business which this time includes finding a way to get his friend and future MP out of the trouble he created when he wrote a scandalous novel, helping his godson, and promoting a match between the butler of an acquaintance and the widowed lady of the house , and continues to be a delight He just wasn t as prominently featured as in the previous books, his hilarious nephew Pongo is sadly absent, and I just didn t enjoy it as much as the other books.
But hey P.
G Wodehouse not at his best is still enjoyable and a good deal better than most authors, so reading one of his books is never a waste of time, and you re guaranteed to be thoro

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