This Beadweaving Master Class series of books are pretty to look at, informative but stretched out with BIG pictures However, I checked this out of the library and copied the few patterns I wanted rather than have another book of redundant information on my shelf Good for beginner s in peyote stitch work.
Book S A Knockout Master Beader Diane Fitzgerald Teaches Her Award Winning Techniques For Creating Gorgeous Geometric Jewelry More ThanTruly Stunning Projects, All Using Peyote Stitch, Come In A Variety Of Flat And Dimensional Shapes, From Triangles, Teardrops, And Pentagons To Tetrahedrons, Cubes, And Diamonds Sleek, Contemporary, And Breathtaking, These Beadwoven Pieces Are Perfect For The Intermediate Crafter But With Such Clear And Detailed Instructions, Even Beginners Will Give Them A Try Diane Fitzgerald Is A Featured Artist In The Book Masters [Diane Fitzgerald] À Diane Fitzgerald's Shaped Beadwork [pirates PDF] Ebook Epub Download í Beadweaving Other books In Lark Jewelry Beading S Beadweaving Master Class Series Have Been Authored By Marcia DeCoster, Laura McCabe, Sherry Serafini, Maggie Meister, And Rachel Nelson Smith This is an intermediate to advanced beader s book I like that the intro is short you should already know your needle and bead types if you re going to undertake these projects Oh, these projects GORGEOUS Some are so perfect they no longer look beaded They are sculpted that many are constructed with metallic colored beads also leads to afinished look The author gives you the basic designs triangle, oval, etc , and before each project, tells you which ones to master before beginning I also especially like her discussion of the cultural inspiration behind the pieces.
A great reference for peyote stitch, particularly creating 3D shapes Instructions and illustrations were easy to follow.
Clear, concise and excellently photographed, this useful book deserves a spot on every beadweaver s shelf Fitzgerald continues to innovate and work outside the boundaries of convention in a beautiful fashion Recommended for beaders.
Diane Fitzgerald's Shaped Beadwork ↠´ Very good but most defiantly for the experienced Beader Must be proficient at certain stitches for the projects to turn out as beautiful as the photos.
great book if you like peyote stitch.

I am very new to bead weaving and somewhat overwhelmed by all the techniques and the proficiency levels of some of my favorite bead weavers I have to remember that some of them have been at it for a very long time That said, I found this book Diane Fitzgerald s Shaped Beadwork Dimensional Jewelry with Peyote Stitch to be very helpful in learning my very first stitch, the peyote stitch Granted, it is a fairly simple stitch compared to some of the other stitches that exist but Diane s instructions are so clear and her diagrams are very well illustrated I had never done this stitch before, yet I was able to gain proficiency in no time at all She repeats her steps each time in the same clear language so that after a while her steps become rote I find this to be a very helpful way to learn Some bead books as well Bought this book just after publication to add to my ever expanding library of beading books I love the projects and the ideas but found some of the instructions hard to follow and thought it was just a mental block It was only months later that I discovered the list of errata on Diane Fitzgerald s web site and her somewhat dismissive attitude towards these many mistakes is annoying Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned from this, the specialist bead magazines would seem to have all the contributor s designs made up to ensure that the patterns and instructions actually work Lark books might like to take cognisance of this fact before publishing a beadweaving master class book Certainly not a book that I would recommend for a beginner If you do purchase the book do remember to download the errata sheet to help make sense of some of the patterns.

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