There were times that I really liked this book and parts where I laughed at it, laughed with it,and parts whereI just had to shake my head at it s ridiculousness The characters had potential but I didn t connect with them The vampire aspect felt thrown in just for shock factor and did nothing but bring the book down in my eyes Kody and John were sweet and fun but we were supposed to be in love with Nathan.
I can t imagine how anyone would be in love with Nathan, even the heroine I kept waiting for him to redeem himself.
Make us realize why the heroine was in love with him after all these years I ended the book still looking for that reason.
He was childish, throwing a temper tantrum or getting drunk, running away when the going got rough Not alpha material at all I am not writing off this Werewolves are my secret fetish, something about them that calls to me and therefore really wanted to like this book as it had not one but four werewolves, all hot and happening However, my bad that the story just did not click with me.
The book started off really well with Dana, the female MC of the story, running away from the Pack because she disliked being shared, which incidentally was Pack law Loved her spirit in how she lives for 12 years alone and away from the Pack, becomes strong and faces the world, albeit with some paranoia Enter a pup sigh can t help it, as that is what they call the young ones in these books and life goes awry for Dana, who is again on the run The bad guys catch up with her, truss her up, but she still fights so the book is still going strong for me However, now enter the good guys.
Nathan and his friends and Fled Her Pack And Their Laws To Live On Her Terms, But The Price Of Defiance Was Her Happiness Pack Law States Lycan Females Must Be Shared By Two Or Males, But Young And In Love, Dana Flees Rather Than Be Forced Into A M Nage Her Life On The Run, Constantly On Guard, Has No Room For Happiness When Her Past Catches Up And Brings Her Back To The Home She Fled, She Finds Herself Reevaluating Her Beliefs To Her Surprise, She Discovers Her Body And Inner ✓ Defying Pack Law (Pack, #1) ☆ Download by ✓ Eve Langlais Wolf Want To Claim Three Males Could It Be That Now Older And Wiser, She Can Accept The Lycan Polyamorous Way Of Life Or Will Jealousy And Fear Send Her Running Again Note All The Focus Is On Her There Is No Male On Male Action I was enjoying this book up to the point where Dana lost her freaking mind and started with the whole He did something wrong, but it s okay because it was my fault.
I wanted to throw my iPad across the room or at someone She went from this strong woman to this person that just well, I m not sure what the hell happened It just turned me off So the answer is that Nathan runs away hello, you re pack alpha, IDIOT, you can t just run away That was just silly And HOW did Dana outrun everyone to shows up to the fight UGH It s like the last quarter of this book doesn t match the rest of the story and everyone lost their freaking minds Still I love, love, LOVED John and I could take a Kody any day he was just so much fun If it wasn t for those two and the great sex I think I would have liked this Who says running away will never make you free Well, Kenny Loggins said that, but he didn t know what he was talking about, because things worked out just fine for DanaDana fears the life that is her destiny As Lycan female, she is rare and should be treasured but against Dana s desires, she must be shared among the males in her pack She witnessed her mother s misery and is determined to avoid that life for herself In an effort to dodge her destiny, Dana runs away from her pack and her future, imposing a life of solitude and loneliness upon herself in order to escape the miserable image she conjured in her mind of how life would be in a polygamous relationship.
After a series of events, she finds herself in a precarious situation Her min My rating.
5 Stars to Defying The Pack Pack 1 by author Eve Langlais.
Wow I am so glad I came across this series It s sexy, sensual, dark and packed with suspense The author blended all these elements perfectly These shifters are seriously hot, hot, hot So pack law states that Lycan females must be shared by two ormales Come on, how tragic What normal female would want to be forced to share her body with two ormen instead of just one Okay so I am not normal As soon as she found the opportunity, Dana ran away from her pack, their ridiculous rules and the man she loved Dana refused to listen to pack nonsense She didn t want to be withthan one man so she fled the safety of her pack and took her chances in the human world But over a decade later her past catches up with her Lucky for her she was found at the right time Things in her world have become dangerous and deadly Rogue wolves and a é Defying Pack Law (Pack, #1) é Warning Reading this book may find you panting for three werewolves of your own Please talk to your doctor before attempting the foursome scene portrayed in this book as it may result in numerous orgasms Eve always has the most intriguing warningsGod I love her Since pack law states that woman have to sharethan one mateDana has decided to run from her pack and her one true love She s constantly on the run and is always looking over her sholder for eagar werewolves determinded to claim her Unfortunately, a pack of wolves are hot on her trail and Dana must rely on her former beau Nathan to protect her from said evil pack.
Nathan has always been in love with Dana Since her werewolf powers emergedlate in life He was forced to share her with others in his pack.
as per pack law But now th

I have had this setting on my shelf for quite a while I ve read this series way out of order starting with book four, then this one I encountered the poly relationship in this book and was curious about how it all started with the first couple.
The premise of this series is based on the fact that werewolves breed 6 1 ration in favor of the guys so to keep from dying out, they made it a law that females had to be shared It s alright if the right atmosphere of love and care and respect happens, but Dana grew up in a nightmare and runs to avoid it when the boy she loved takes back his word and says they must follow the law.
This book was hot and spicy of course It s reverse harem though all the boy parts only touch girl parts That said, there is a series arc about a mysterious leader controlling rogue wolves Omg I am astonished Defining Pack Law is a novel to howl about When I started reading I couldn t stop, I even got mad because I had to stop and fix dinner LOL Eve Langlais adds a lot of emotions and depth to this wolf tale I laughed, loved and even cried and that last one is hard for me These three men are awesome Why For one Eve writes each male with their own personalities, so they are all are easy to fall for I simply loved Dana she is sassy, witty, very loving and forgiving The way Eve brings about these four coupling is an exciting adventure and the sexual build between them is very hot Now, for the sex with this being a m nage story you get fanning self hot sex including anal, there s no m m If you re a M nage reader DON T miss this story, especially if you love some hot demanding male wolfs, that will keep This is a hard book for me to rate I read it initially because of a one star review that made me curious, and now that I m finished I m vacillating over my feelings about this story There were parts of this story that I loved almost as much as the parts that I disliked Unfortunately, the bad parts outweighed the good for me Nevertheless, I could see a reader going either way with this book.
What I did not like about this book 1 The pack dynamic between men and women It was frustrating to read how female werewolves in the pack were treated like walking wombs, good for nothing except sex and birthing babies I understand there was a shortage of females in the pack, but I can t believe any society would condone sharing women And it s not just the fact that they share the women because truthfully, if everyone was consenting I wouldn t care but the fact tha

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