So I read Never Ever by Helena Pielichaty which is realistic fiction, humor and a little bit of romance I read it because I found it in my older sister s old stuff from when she was 14 and since we have similar taste, I decided to give it a try and I really enjoyed it The book takes time in modern time England The book is really interesting because it changes the POV point of view between the two main characters, Erin and Liam, every couple of chapters so you get to see both sides of the story, which I absolutely loved The book has 162 pages, which isn t long but it still rocked.
The book is about two teens, Erin and Liam, who are both neighbors on the estate Liam loves it there, but Erin, who just moved th I read this a long time ago but every time i read it i still love it, its not the best written story but i love it non of the less I really enjoyed this book It s been a while so I don t remember every little bit, but I thought the two main characters were definite opposites that made for a good read It s not a literacy wonder or anything, but a great quick book to read Read this book when I was 13 14 and absolutely loved it Really disagree with some of the reviews, for me, it was perfect at the age I read it,just a sweet story,for young girls It doesn t need complicated characters or story lines for an audience on that age Never Ever à i didn t finish this book because it has a very rude chapter.
Not bad for a tween book.
Funny And Insightful Novel Told From The Point Of View Of Its Two Main Protagonists Erin And Liam Erin S Father Has Gone Bankrupt And So Her Family Have Moved To The Local Council Estate Erin Is Finding It Hard To Adjust To Her New Life Sharing A Room With Her Sister, Living Away From Her Friends, And Having No Phone Liam, On The Other Hand, Loves Life On The Estate Everyone Wants To Be His Friend And His Dad Is A Download Epub Format ✓ Never Ever PDF by ì Helena Pielichaty Well Respected Local Business Man Liam Really Likes Erin But She Can T Stand Him Still, He Lives In Hope That One Day They Will Get Together I hated this book I don t even think it was nearly as good as a one star Unless you want to learn how to swear in french I advise you don t read it.

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