Rather a badly chosen format for the book too small thick, as well as many symbols missing illustrations that would seems desirable since the author himself states it s sorted as an encyclopedia rather than a glossary which is what it actually feels like as it s all mostly text.
1001 Symbols is a very thick yet pocket sized guide to the world of symbology, covering 1001 symbols from all over the world and of all ages Jack Tresidder takes his readers on an enjoyable ride past common imagery presented in all kinds of media around the world, most notably in art, literature, and religion Before he does that, he also gives the reader a brief introductory on symbols in general In this introduction, he stresses that symbols used traditionally in iconography only represent a small portion of human emotion and culture, and are usually seen as universal values and or themes.
The book is divided into six of those main themes, all containing extensive lists of sub themes, further adding to the depth of the book Symbols with multiple interpretatio Very thorough and interesting Lots of images.

Thick reference book of sorts for many different kinds of symbols Very few of the symbols listed actually come with a picture though, which irritated me The book is organised according to the type of feeling a symbol is supposed to convey E.
g peace, anger, love, jealousy, etc Each chapter lists the various symbols associated with that feeling e.
g peace dove, love heart, etc , and gives a bit of background as to how and or why each symbol came to be associated with it.
I was expecting to findmodern symbols in this book e.
g the peace sign for peace , but instead the book showcases only plants, animals and traditional objects like axes, animal horns, Indian deities, etc Most of the symbols date back to the medieval era and everything that came before it Not a useful book if you re looking for something that showcases modern symbols e.
g the anarchy sign , the peace sign , while I expected this to be cursory due to size I was surprised that many of the symbols and explainations had primarily christian leanings There is a bent for lithographic like illustrations I liked that considering I am using it for art inspiration.
Giving this 5 stars for thoroughness and the enjoyable layout and informativeness of this book Particularly for writers and artists who enjoy studying using symbolism in their work, this book is exceedingly helpful and fun to read Cool illustrations and a broad scope of cultures make this a rich resource An enjoyable, easy read 1,001 Symbols: An Illustrated Guide to Imagery and Its Meaning ✓ Neat book I ve never been able to figure out how it works though Guide To Symbols Is The First Of Its Kind With A Unique Design To Set Us On The Path Of SymbolismSymbols Is A Portable, Pocket Sized Guide To Traditional Symbolism, Arranged By Theme As In A Thesaurus Following The Symbols By Subject Allows Us To Compare All The Symbols That Different Cultures Have Used To Connote A Particular Quality, Such As Purity, Love, Deception Or Immunity At The Same Time A Helpful And Comprehensive Index Enables The Reader To Look Up Individual Symbols [Jack Tresidder] · 1,001 Symbols: An Illustrated Guide to Imagery and Its Meaning [senegal PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ And There Is Also A Useful Cross Reference System Providing Signposts To Other Meanings Of The Same Symbols This Unique Illustrated Guide, With ThanSpecially Commissioned Illustrations, Enlightens Us As To The Fascinating World Of Symbols, From East And West, And Their Significance In Art, Folklore, Religion, Literature, Tradition And The Complex Psychology Of Humankind Through The Ages a cute book mostly pictures just the brief basics but inclused symbols from all over the world and all time tables.

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