Dance Of The Millions Provides A Comprehensive Account Of The Latin American Debt Crisis It Examines Why The Bank Loans Came About In The First Place, How Most Of Them Were Used, And Why They Suddenly Dried Up In The S It Argues That The Role Played By The IMF And The World Bank As The Finanical Policemen Of Latin America Has Compounded The Crisis For The Poor, Who Were The Least Responsible For The Debt Mountain It Also Analyzes Why Latin Trailer Ì The Dance of the Millions: Latin America and the Debt Crisis PDF by å Jacqueline Roddick American Governments Have So Far Failed To Stand Up To The Banks And Say Can T Pay, Won T Pay It Includes Case Studies Of Brazil, Peru And Costa Rica, Examines The Role Played By The IMF And The World Bank, Describes The Impact Of Debt Induced Austerity On The Poor And Considers The Implications Of The Debt For Future Development

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