Si buscas un libro de referencia para ilustraci n, te recomiendo los libros Spectrum El nivel suele ser much simo mayor Este libro est bien pero trata de la misma tem tica como es obvio, y adem s las ilustraciones suelen ser algunas malas y otras buenas, la calidad media est bien.
Pero es sobre todo para fans de Magic El 50% del libro es texto Una verdadera pena, esperaba encontrar grandes ilustraciones que Wizard of the Coast siempre nos ha dado.
This is a nice book it s pictures are of cards from the set and it talks about the world of Kaladesh I am very happy with it I now plan on getting the one of I Innistrad so if you are having trouble trying to decide don t buy one buy 2 All of the books from this series are astonishing The imagery is surreal and the writing, simply brilliant This book provides everything about the plane It gives an amazing storyline that follows the card sets and a short history of the cards in the set, but the real power of the book is the images and the story, which makes up 95% of the book.
You do not need to know anything about mtg to enjoy these wonderful books.
Highly recommended for anyone that likes fantasy.

Once again, Wizards puts out a wonderful book chalk full, not only of truly breathtaking art, but enough lore to make any DM GM swoon Plenty of information about each piece of Kaladesh lore and history, and then how the Planeswalkers fit into this particular plane If you buy this book, you will not be disappointed Well done Wizards Viz Media very informative º The Art of Magic: The Gathering - Kaladesh  It s a great reference to MTG and features its beautiful card art.
Innovation, And The Spirit Of Creativity Fill These Pages, Lavishly Illustrated With The Award Winning Art Of Magic The Gathering Welcome To Kaladesha Vibrant, Beautiful Plane Where Anything Is Possible Join The Heroic Planeswalkers Of The Gatewatch As They Explore The Inventors Fair, And Let Your Imagination Soar Alongside Thopters And Airships Crafted By The Best Artificers In The MultiverseCome Discover The Marvels Of Kaladeshits Inhabitants, Its Inventors, And Its Artifacts í read Ë The Art of Magic: The Gathering - Kaladesh by James Wyatt í They All Await You At The Grand Inventors Fair

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