My daughter loves this book I just brought it home from the library and we have to read or rather, sing choo choo book two or three times before bed every night and sometimes before naps I usually sing through once or twice and then we name the animals, find the chicken and worm and sun on every page, talk about the different vehicles, etc There is a lot to look at, and each verse fits the tune perfectly.
We didn t read the whole book at storytime because it was the last book and the kids were starting to get antsy But I liked what we did see It goes through various vehicles trains, trucks, etc and the actions that people do to make them go complete with sound effects My son is, like most boys, a lover of cars, trucks, and anything else that moves so this was a good book for him The illustrations were colorful and eye catching.
I guess Down by the Station is an old children s song, so our librarian read the words to that tune and the music added something nice to our storytime But I could not get over the fact that the only time I have ever heard that song was aadult version Where the refrain about the train station is inters By The Depot, Early In The MorningSee The Yellow School Buses All In A RowSee The School Bus Driver Warming Up The EngineVroom Vroom Beep Beep Off We Go Little Fans Of Trucks And Trains And Boats And Planes Will Love To Sing This Action Packed, Expanded Version Of The Classic Rhyme, Paired With Frank Remkiewicz S Happy, Vibrant IllustrationsReviews Vetter S Debut Adds New Verses To The Familiar Favorite Children Who Love Things That Go Will Be Thrilled With The Vehicles [Jennifer Riggs Vetter] ã Down by the Station [amish-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ã Included Here School Bus, Tractor Trailer, Excavator, Jumbo Jet, Sailboat, Racecar, Fire Engine And Rocket The Ending Is A Good Segue To Bedtime, As The Train Returns To The Station And Several Sleepyheads Head To BedKirkus Reviews This is the one I was looking for for a program Don t know why it took me so long to find it, haha, but I m glad I did Very good for Things That Go storytime ↠´ Down by the Station ↠´ I was doing my special series for 18 24 month olds and the subject was things that go I went out to the stacks to get a copy of My Car, and every copy was either checked out or so torn it needed to be withdrawn and replaced.
So I pulled this book from my new book pile in the back and it was a big hit.
All the verses sing perfectly to the Down by the Station tune, you ve got vehicles from trucks to work machines to a space ship, and the sound effects are great.
In other words, this was a hit even with the wiggly toddler crowd And I ve just ordered a copy for my reading room Not my favorite version of this book, but still a good one.
Sing the classic Down by the Station song and add the bus depot, the truck stop, the work site, the airport, the water the dock actually , the racetrack, the firehouse, the launchpad, and back to the station in the evening.
Each location is manned by a different animal parent and child team performing the appropriate task.
pulling the lever, warming the engine, pulling the air horn, digging with the bucket, pushing the throttle forward, pulling up the mainsail, revving up the engine, turning on the siren, starting the countdown, and returning to the station under the moon with a sleepy little one.
This version makes a good bedtime story.
In this book the trains worked In this book the school buses worked In this book the trucks worked In this book the excavators did work In this book planes did work In this book sailboats worked In this book race cars did races In this book fire trucks went to work In this book space shuttles went into outer space In this book the trains, the school buses, the trucks, the excavators, the planes, the sail boats, the race cars, the fire trucks, the spaces shuttles all went back home at the end of the dayby Felicity i

This book was really colorful and bright and I think would be very useful in a preschool or kindergarten classroom A combination of bright colors, fun animals and a repeated pattern in the rhythm of the words would draw young children and allow them to really enjoy the story Even though it was an easy read I as an adult really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to teachers in younger grades.
Singing through some transportations B This book, in theory, could work for storytime There s a lot of opportunity for interaction from the kids I just found this book to be incredibly boring, so I most likely won t use it.

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