5 Ride Of My Life StarsLife s a roller coaster Best damn ride in the park You don t close your eyes, hold on and wait for it to be over, babe You keep your eyes open, lift your hands straight up in the air and enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts TackI went for a ride on the back of a bikeand it was friggin AWESOME Now I m feeling ducky, cause I got my KA fix Kristen my sunshine girl told me you need this , Elizabeth second itso I read it and now I m smiling big Thanks girls I loved every single damn pagefrom first to the last I m on an epilogue high view spoiler Little Rider Allen hide spoiler 5 Hawt and Handsome Tack Stars If you have read K.
A s Mystery Man, you know Tack Kane Tack Allen is a bad ass bossy biker President of the MC Chaos If you are like me, you fell for him in Mystery Man and wantedThis is Tack s story It all starts one night at the club He meets a girl Red Red aka Tyra is not the typical girl Tack sees He doesn t know she is different at the time, but he finds out pretty quickly After one night together, Tyra leaves Tack s bed What Tack doesn t know is Tyra just got a new job working at the shop Tack owns He tries to talk her into quitting, but she refuses Tack doesn t sleep with people he works with She is persistent on staying and never sleeping with him again Tyra is thirty five years old, single never been married There is only one reason why She is holding out for her Dream Man Tack is not your typical Prince Charmin 5 STARS Wow What a fantastic ending to a fabulous book and series I just finished this story, have tears in my eyes, and I m not able to wait until tomorrow when I return home to write my review I wish I had the time and money dang cruise ship wi fi charges to write the review this book deserves Unfortunately, I don t However, I can express my love for this story, it s amazing characters, and it s fantastic epilogue Tack and Tyra are my favorite couple in this series, and I loved their arduous yet heartwarming romance This is my favorite conversation between Tack and Tyra It s just so them It s pricelessIt goes like this, I began to explain We get to know each other We have a huge ass wedding We spend time just us and, 5 stars Truth, honesty, perseverance, strength, love of all kinds and forgiveness are all beautiful, Tack The most beautiful stories ever told are the most difficult to take You should probably just go buy the book and read it instead of wasting your time reading this review, because I really don t know how to express what I am feeling about this story or the man, Kane Tack Allen I was left deeply, completely, emotionally sated and yet empty, too, because once it ended I was lost I was just lost.
And, you know, I actually cried because it ended Not because of the ending, even though it was incredibly emotional I didn t cry because the book was too short, even though it was, but had it been 1,000,003 pages it still would have been too short The tears were not because it was sad, though there were some heartbreakin ✓ Motorcycle Man º 5 colourful STARSLife s a roller coaster Best damn ride in the park You don t close your eyes, hold on and wait for it to be over, babe You keep your eyes open, lift your hands straight up in the air and enjoy the ride for as long as it lastsAll is right in the world again After beingthan a little disappointed by Law Man I was almost losing faith in Ms Ashley for a second, but don t fear my gently review readers, she hit it out of the park with this one Uber sexy biker bad boy, feisty heroine, excellent chemistry, a little action and major swoon fest I m yet again in my KA wonderland bubble Motorcycle Man is the fourth and last instalment in the Dream Man series and at last we get to enjoy Tack s story Over the course of the series we have seen a

My favorite of the Dream Man series Tack also shares the title with Tate as the greatest KA hero ever LOVE this book One of my most re read SIDE NOTE I just re read Motorcycle Man for the one billionth time, and this is actually the FIRST time I realized that the whole BeBe thing really didn t make any sense in regard to Tack s character Like, I don t see him actually spending an entire night with her Walking her to her car, and making out with her like she was some classy woman when she was basically the club mattress It just doesn t really fit with his character in my opinion Things that make you go Hmmm lol Re read January 2016Tack.
sighI still love you You and Tate will forever hold top place in the KA hero awards P.
S This cover looks nothing like Tack, where the hell is the goatee GrumbleRe read Re read 2 28 15This was the first KA I ever read, back in 2012 46 other KA books later, this is still one of my top KA reads Oh, the nostalgiaTack Find all of my reviews at you follow me, you ll know I put out a gimmegimme for a motorcycle book recommendation after watching the new television series Outsiders Basically, I wanted to drink wine out of a box and read a book starring this guy boooiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggggMrs Joseph was the first to reply and boy did she provide a good one The basics of the story are as follows Tyra quit her old job and has been in hot pursuit of a new one She also decided she needed to let a little of her inner freak out and bangs a motorcycle dude the night before she starts her new gig When she shows up for her first day on the job things don t go quite as planned when she is greeted by new boss, Tack I do not work with bitches who ve had my dick in their mouthOffended by him yet Good Get the eff outta here cause he s mine anyway Tack is all of the follow As I write this review, I m wearing grey yoga pants Well, they re a darker grey on the outside and a much softer, lighter grey on the inside They have a white drawstring, and while it s not really necessary to tie it, I have it tied in a bow anyway They re really soft and comfortable, and they re the kind of pants you could wear just around the house But if you wanted, you could also wear them out to the grocery store or the mall or the gym or basically anywhere that wasn t too dressy.
I m also wearing a pink and white cotton henley It has small stripes, not the big fat ones And they re horizontal and not vertical The shirt also has ruffles at the neck along with four white buttons It has long sleeves that go just Ready To Ride Tyra Masters Has Had Enough Drama To Last A Lifetime Now, She S Back On Track And Looking Forward To Her New, Quiet Life Until She Meets The Man Of Her Dreams The Tattooed, Muscled Biker Plies Her With Tequila And The Best Sex Of Her Life She Knows It Isn T The Tequila And Hot Sex Talking He S The Kind Of Man She S Always Wanted Unfortunately, He S Also Her New Boss Kane Tack Allen Has A ↠´ read Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley ë Rule He Doesn T Employ Someone He S Slept With So When He Learns He Spent Last Night In Bed With His New Office Manager, He Quickly Fires Tyra Yet When Tyra Stands Up To Him And Fights For Her Job, Tack Is Intrigued He Tells Her She Can Keep Her Job On One Condition No Sex Ever But As Things Heat Up Between Them, Tack Finds That He Ll Be The One Breaking All The Rules

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