Anderson S Latest Collection Of Poignant Stories Is A Wonderfully Rewarding read These Stories Are Not Only Dedicated To The Copper Country, But Truly Celebrate The Finnish Character That Has Played Such An Important Part In Creating A Copper Country Heritage Here Are Our Heroes, Survivors Against All The Odds, In This Remote Land, True To Themselves Acting With An Unconscious Humility These Often Bittersweet Stories Are Set In Historic Contexts That Make Them Utterly Convincing There Are Many Literary Allusions, ¹ Misery Bay and Other Stories from Michigan's Upper Peninsula (Mysteries & Horror) ↠´ Download by ó Lauri Anderson And Even Characters Such As Vainamoinen And Hemingway Play A Part The Clean Rhythm Of The Language Mimics The Finnish Language And Underlines The Basic Humanity And Individuality Of These Copper Country Finns Patricia Van Pelt, North Wind books At Finlandia University

This was a fantastic book Especially if you are at all related to or familiar with the people in the UP I felt like I was listening to coversations tall tales told by my Uncles and mother from their life in the UP I can even place most of the stories It was like coming home Misery Bay and Other Stories from Michigan's Upper Peninsula (Mysteries & Horror) ✓ Very charming collection of short stories focused on Finns in the U P There is a nice variety of characters and subject matter, and I really enjoyed them as they reminded me of many of my relatives and friends from the U.

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