That was quick which I expected as it s not even a hundred pages The Fix is a collection of poems I found as utterly engaging Once you read a poem, you can t help but be excited or wonder what the poet will talk about in the next poem All the poems describe moments from the poets s life, but they were vividly but creatively described that only a good poet can do The poet s language was lyrical, musical but sharp Lisa Wells certainly not only proves she s a poet but also that her words, her beautiful complex words, can hurt and strike deep too as they spoke of something of truth in her and so it became truth to the readers as well These poems are haunting and I know i ll reread this soon And look at that cover I loved it.
I have to h Full and luscious as a grape before wine making or a moon before love making, the poems in The Fix live in a roadside space that s earthy, sensual, erotic and wild Lisa Wells writes by feel, shaping, kneading and bending the line the way a potter builds a ceramic vessel from the bottom up, coiling around a central idea until it s solid, visible and ready to be marveled at.
Disclaimer Received a free digital copy of the book through NetgalleyTo endure thisapparatusall I have to do is last This poetry collection thrived on being abstract yet vivid in its use of description in every poem Every poem was a unique journey, separate from all the others Admittedly, some flew right over my head but I still very much liked reading the words and trying to decipher what they meant to me A perfect break from all insta poetry I d say and something I look forward to having on my shelves Definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to read a confident, bold and exquisite play on words FavouritesTheory of Knowledge , Saddle Shoes , Woman Seated With Thighs Apart , Canis Vulgaris , Instructions , Resurrections , Beast 1 and 5 , Under the Water, Carry The Water , We Must Be Coming Down , State of a Fair , Winemaking , P

These poems are vividly described snapshots about every day life They are haunting and graphic and will stay with this reader for a while.
î The Fix ¹ I love poetry and when I came across Lisa Well s new poetry collection, I knew I had to read it.
The poems are of different topics The flow is also different from poem to poem Sometimes it s slow and smooth, languid in its flow Other times, it s fast and wild I could visualise the scenes the poet describes through her poem It did take me some time to truly understand what she was trying to speak of but, that s the beauty of poetry, as you keep reading them again and again, the meaning and the thoughts become clear eventually.
Lisa Wells is a poet who understands language to be elemental a means of self immolation These lyrics sear Their force is the sort that destroys the false idols that are our prized illusions, our former selves Wrought of words as ruthless as they are musical, these poems demand to be heard They afford us one of art s most necessary services not the bolstering of ego but the dissolution of it In its place we are left with the ashes of our own mortality, rendered in verse.
This collection of poetry takes the everyday and turns it on its head, exploring from every angle I enjoyed this collection because it takes a bit of a risk when it comes to word choice and description, putting in words and phrases that quickly let you understand that you don t know where the next line will be going Although it is a quick read, it is definitely something that will linger with you awhile Book provided by NetGalley From H L Ne Cixous S Charge To Kill The False Woman Who Is Preventing The Live One From Breathing, The Fix Forges That Woman S Reckoning With Her Violent Past, With Her Sexuality, And With A Future Unmoored From The Trappings Of Domestic Life These Poems Of Lyric Beauty And Unflinching Candor Negotiate The Terrain Of Contradictory Desire Often To Darkly Comedic Effect In Encounters With Strangers In Dive Bars And On Highway Shoulders, And Through Ekphrastic Engagement With Visionaries Like William Blake, Jos Clemente ↠´ read à The Fix by Lisa Wells ¾ Orozco, And The Talking Heads, This Book Seeks The Real Beneath The Dissembling Surface Here, Nothing Is Fixed, But Grace Arrives By Diving Into The Complicated Past In Order To Find A Way To Live, Now Woman Seated With Thighs Apart Often I Am Permitted To Return To This Kitchen Tipsy, Pinned To The Fridge, To The Precise Instant The Kiss Smashed In When The Jaws Of Night Are Grinding And The Double Bed Is Half Asleep The Snore Beside Me Syncs To The Traffic Light, Pulsing Red, Ragged Up In The Linen Curtain I Leak Such Solicitous Sighs To Asphalt, Slicked With Black Ice, High Beams Speed Over My Body Whole While The Drugstore Weeps Its Remedy In Strident Neon Throbs I Doubt I Ll Make It Out It S A Cold Country It S The Sting Of Quarantine It S My Own Two Hands Working Deep Inside The Sheets What a book Wells lapidary lines peel the paint off of quotidian life to reveal the quiet violence beneath a trash can is rolled down the driveway by a grave valet a woman waits in a truck stop among shotguns and platicised bass while local detectives search for a killer and heavy rigging drags the aquaduct for evidence The speakers of these poems are tired, they ve been there, and regard the world with a mix of rapture and the middle finger, trying to reconcile the loss of love and loss of life with the mandates to make love and make art Each little fix is temporary and the big Fix remains spectral, its final x carved in the air by Wells sharp blade.
I received an ARC from University of Iowa Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The Fix is a collection of poetry from Lisa Wells, which won the 2017 Iowa Poetry Prize I have a mixed relationship with poetry I love to read it out loud and savor the rhythms and patterns of words, and I subscribe to the theory that poetry can have a thousand different meanings depending primarily on the reader This also means that I sometimes miss the real meaning of a poem without the background context However, I ve been trying to readof it this year and to explore some new to me authors.
Unrelated to my relationship to poetry, Wells word choice throughout her poems is casual, but her style is abstract This

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