The free sample is written simple easily understood English and promises an approachable and instructive book.
The rest of the book is written by a person who obviously has no idea how to write clearly and and has no respect for his readers It is a slapdash effort that gets worse and worse as it nears the end as he struggles to use as many big words as possible in order to achieve his desired page count.
I kept working hard to get to a payoff that never came.
Like the old joke there s got to be a pony in here somewhere.
Some word uses are frankly irritating such as repeatedly using the the word nuance when he means aspect to just give one example.
I felt cheated Don t waste your time.
ð Addiction, Procrastination, and Laziness: A Proactive Guide to the Psychology of Motivation ð The book is written like the author did most of his writing in academic situations where he had to stretch 10 pages worth of thoughts into a 50 page paper Excessively wordy, and uses footnotes simply to add his own thoughts It s a philosophical treatise on psychology Meaning he pontificates on his own thoughts or on his observations of other people, rather than accurately describing his own experiences and how he changed.
I was looking for solutions on how to stop procrastinating, not somebody s random rambling on what factors cause somebody to procrastinate.
Not even sure I will finish the book It s a good example of why publishing companies screen manuscripts and why editors exist It s a waste of the 8 I spent on the book Maybe if it ha

I liked the book, and although I am not entirely sure yet that it will work for me, it gave me some insight as to what goes on with addiction, procrastination and laziness I was addicted to cigarettes for 13 years and gave them up 40 years ago On the third try, I was finally successful using a similar program to this with a slow reduction of nicotine Going cold turkey has never worked for me, but slow change has Today, I battle with overweight and lack of motivation from too many years of diet failure I have some other bad habits, like staying up late, and knowing that it is bad just doesn t help me stop doing it I have a lot of interests in life and I feel the pull of them distracting me from my goals all of the time What this book did for me was that it helped me to see how the pleasurable things I enjoy were pulling At the small price for the Kindle edition, I decided to give this book a try.
Very disappointed There is not really any new advice here Main points seem to be making the actionpleasurable and the procrastination habit less pleasurable, plus controlling environment But you re left to your own device how to apply that.
In the last chapter, the author gives examples where the tips are applied In all cases, the advice is very too short In some cases, the advice is just silly or unhealthy sleep on a bad mattress, drinkcoffee.
There are no real life examples, no real cases or no user feedback It s just theoretical.
Off course, the advice in the book can be added to whatever you re already doing But it doesn t offer the insight the title promises.
I think Self Discipline in 10 Days by Theodore Bryant is a much better c Not an enjoyable read Very thick writing All theory and no tangible tools to use Would not buy again.
Learn To Take Control Of Your Life, Through An In Depth Understanding Of MotivationWhat Is Motivation Why Do We Feel Totally Paralyzed To Do Certain Things, And Utterly Unable To Quit Others Too Many People Conclude, Falsely, That They Are Just Lazy, Or Lacking In Willpower But What They Lack Is A Correct Understanding Of Their Own Minds, Of Motivation, And The Way That It Operates This Book Is A Self Help Manual And A Rigorous Analysis Of The Psychology Of Motivation It [ Pdf Addiction, Procrastination, and Laziness: A Proactive Guide to the Psychology of Motivation Å contes folkloriques PDF ] by Roman Gelperin ¼ Will Teach You To Stop Procrastinating, Kick Your Addictions, Circumvent Laziness, Take Control Of Your Actions, And Achieve Your Goals, By Thoroughly Understanding The Way Your Mind Works In It, You Ll Learn What Is The Nature Of Motivation, On Its Deepest Psychological Level Why Addiction And Procrastination Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin Why There S No Fundamental Difference Between A Physical And Psychological Addiction Why Willpower Is Rarely The Solution To Anything Why And How Emotions Motivate You Ll Also Learn Fifteen Powerful Strategies For Motivating Yourself, Why They Work, And How To Apply Them To Your Own Life By The End Of This Book, You Ll Possess All The Tools You Need To Take Firm Control Of Your Daily Existence

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