I didn t expect reading about the Shinsengumi, to be honest It has been a long time favorite group of mine, which I discovered like many people my age through one of their various media depictions namely their appearance in Ruroni Kenshin s flashbacks and appearances of some characters such as Saito Hajime Their story is set in a period I have always been familiar with, having been the de facto historical researcher of a theater group playing some Mishima plays during highschool Stay assured that by this, I mean absolutely no bragging about knowing anything about Japan To be honest, don t take what I say as a universal truth Japan, from the middle of the XIXth century to the middle of the XXth century is a mess To understand this period, we have to head back to the troubles of the end of the Edo period and this is exactly where I san An ambitious attempt to write the first English treatment of this controversial unit Coverage of topics was broad, which was good Resource list was big, but I feel, not diverse enough Concerning to me were also a number of translation and reading errors in renderings of Japanese names and quotes Overall, in my opinion, despite the author s having secured the aid of descendants, the book feels like a first draft I feel it would have benefited greatly from the perspective, and editorial assistance, of people professionally trained in the field of Japanese history Finally, the language was too flowery, and too unnecessarily graphic, for my taste.
I recommend those who read this book and are interested in late Edo period law enforcement to read Professor Daniel V Botsman s book entitled Punishment and Power in the Making of Modern Japan.
Though this book is rich in historical detail that is difficult to find, I do not like it very much Mr Hillsborough is very biased against the Shinsengumi and it is irritating to constantly read about their propensity to kill I don t know how often he said those words but it was annoying enough to want to throw the book across the room Yes, the Shinsengumi had killed but so did the imperialists and there was a war on and other conflict besides I think he should have just stuck to the facts and kept his personal opinions out of it Still if you want a lot of information about the Shinsengumi and your Japanese is rusty, then I think you should read this book.
Shinsengumi tells the true story of the ruthless group of two sworded killers assembled by the Tokugawa Shogunate to stave off rebellion against its rule It is not perhaps the best starting point for a history of 1860s Japan, but for those already familiar with the basics of that period this is an extremely well researched addition to the English language record, if not always the smoothest of reads.
Mr Hillsborough s scholarship is impressive His Japanese language ability allows him to draw on a wide range of original source materials, many of which are referenced for the first time in an English language history, while his feel for the period is sure throughout this book s two hundred or so pages The shortcomings lie not in the research but in the As the only book available in English about the Shinsengumi, this detailed and well researched account should be essential reading for anyone interested in the bloody upheaval of the Bakumatsu era and Meiji Restoration, especially those whose Japanese skills much like mine are unfortunately nowhere near sufficient to avail themselves of the numerous works by Japanese authors on the subject that have never been translated and thereby made available to an international audience Hillsborough draws on many of those works for his book and includes numerous excerpts from eyewitness accounts translated by himself for use in this account, such as Nagakura Shinpachi s memoir which I would cheerfully commit murder to get my hands on in translation, damn it , which alone make this an absolute gem for the non Japanese history buff as fascinated by

239 2012Pertama kali tahu Shinsengumi waktu nonton anime Rurouni Kenshin, yang diwakili khususnya oleh tokoh Saito Hajime, yang digambarkan punya story pribadi dengan Kenshin Himura, sehubungan dengan perseteruan mereka di pihak yang berseberangan saat perang saudara.
Setelah itu, manga dan anime tentang Shinsengumi pun muncul bertubi tubi, dan kebanyakan, seperti Flash of Wind nya Taeko Watanabe, meromantisir kelompok samurai yang satu ini.
Karena itu, buku ini memaksa para penikmat manga dan anime yang terlanjur mendapat gambaran baik baik tentang Isami Kondo, Toshizo Hijikata, Okita Souji, Saito Hajime dkk untuk melihat mereka dari sisi yang berbeda Serigala Mibu di buku ini mungkin lebih mirip gambaran di Rurouni Kenshin Buku ini cukup menarik untuk mereka yang ingin tahu lebih detil tentang latar belakang perang saudara Je å Shinsengumi: The Shogun's Last Samurai Corps ↠´ Massively disorganized and spare of detail, this book has been a chore to read Further, should I encounter the phrase self importance it does not mean what the author thinks it means or propensity to kill I got it the first 15 times, really , I will be most displeased.
And honestly, hakubutsukan museum What the hell is wrong with you Why yes, I love visiting the museum museum The museum museum is an enlightening place to visit My favorite exhibit in the museum museum is a traveling one that focuses on the history of museum museums.
Who does that I should have read the reviews The book is very inconsistent and filled with too much personal opinions for a non fiction historical treatement Especially if we consider the topic of the book, introduction of personal opinions becomes a big problem.
Initially i did not care for this book because i expectedfrom it, however that was 12 years ago, so i have changed my review because i have read it 3 times since than The Shinsengumi are a fascinating topic, and this is the first bio in English The star of this book is Hijikata Toshizo the charismatic pretty boy vice captain The group never achieved anything like Ryoma , they were a bunch of young podunks from a suburb of Edo, were not nice people Still they were young men who lived fast died young, giving their all for a failing Shogunate that did not even like them The author has a new book on this subject coming , but for now enjoy the tale of good looking thugs dying in a blaze of glory.
Shinsengumi The Shogun S Last Samurai Corps Is The True Story Of The Notorious Samurai Corps Formed InTo Arrest Or Kill The Enemies Of The Tokugawa ShogunThe Only Book In English About The Shinsengumi, It Focuses On The Corps Two Charismatic Leaders, Kondo Isami And Hijikata Toshizo, Both Impeccable Swordsmen It Is A History In Brief Of The Final Years Of The Bakufu, Which Collapsed InWith The Restoration Of Imperial Rule In Writing Shinsengumi, Hillsborough Referred Mostly To Japanese Language Download Epub Format À Shinsengumi: The Shogun's Last Samurai Corps PDF by Î Romulus Hillsborough Primary Sources, Including Letters, Memoirs, Journals, Interviews, And Eyewitness Accounts, As Well As Definitive Biographies And Histories Of The EraThe Fall Of The Shogun S Government Tokugawa Bakufu, Or Simply Bakufu In , Which Had Ruled Japan For Over Two And A Half Centuries, Was The Greatest Event In Modern Japanese HistoryThe Revolution, Known As The Meiji Restoration, Began With The Violent Reaction Of Samurai To The Bakufu S Decision InTo Open The Theretofore Isolated Country To Western Barbarians Though Opening The Country Was Unavoidable, It Was Seen As A Sign Of Weakness By The Samurai Who Clad To Expel The Barbarians Those Samurai Plotted To Overthrow The Shogun And Restore The Holy Emperor To His Ancient Seat Of Power Screaming Heaven S Revenge, They Wielded Their Swords With A Vengeance Upon Those Loyal To The ShogunThey Unleashed A Wave Of Terror At The Center Of The Revolution The Emperor S Capital Of Kyoto Murder And Assassination Were Rampant By The End Of , Hordes Of Renegade Samurai, Called Ronin, Had Transformed The Streets Of The Imperial Capital Into A Sea Of Blood The Shogun S Administrators Were Desperate To Stop The Terror A Band Of Expert Swordsmen Was Formed It Was Given The Name Shinsengumi Newly Selected Corps And Commissioned To Eliminate The Ronin And Other Enemies Of The Bakufu With Unrestrained Brutality Bolstered By An Official Sanction To Kill, The Shinsengumi Soon Became The Shogun S Most Dreaded Security ForceIn This Vivid Historical Narrative Of The Shinsengumi, The Only One In The English Language, Author Romulus Hillsborough Paints A Provocative And Thrilling Picture Of This Fascinating Period In Japanese History

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