Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so Shelley MA This book is really hot Even without a clear image of what Sir look like, with only his voice he is able to give you wicked thoughts.
Jennifer is really courageous, she met him online, never saw him, but she still goes to his house The reward is surely worth it.
Now I m left hanging and just when it was getting really interestingI need the second book asap Bored And Unfulfilled, Jennifer Seeks Excitement Exploring The Online Personals Driven By A Need She Does Not Fully Understand, She Responds To An Ad That Is Definitely On The Kinky Side, Never Dreaming That She Will Actually Follow Through With A Meeting But On The Other Side Of The Ad Is A Man Who Seems Able To Peer Inside Her Head And Heart At Will When Jennifer Knocks On His Door, She Is Drawn Into A Sensual And Sexual World She Never Knew Existed This Book Is Download Epub Format å Letting Go (Letting Go, #1) PDF by å S.
Prussing Rated XXX And Is Intended For MATURE AUDIENCES ONLYReader Review To Say This Story Is HOT Would Be An Understatement In Letting Go, Scott Excels At Turning Up The Heat, Giving You A Very Short Respite To Recover, And Then Cranking It Up To Blazing Hot The Story Is Filled With High Tension And Sizzling Scenes That Will Leave You Needing A Few Cold Showers To Cool Down I wonder how many people have checked Craigslist The prologue lures you in like a fly to honey or should I say a, moth to a flame By the second chapter you have not only shut and locked the door, you have also taken the phone off the hook You re not going to want anything to interrupt this story.
Jennifer is like many of us Some of her book boyfriends are probably the same ones we have Unlike us though she doesn t leave it at that She goes looking for him Hence the Craiglist reference Oh to be young again and know Baskin Robbins is right there are at least 31 flavors besides vanilla S T Prussing weaves a wonderful adventure for our Jennifer So well in fact that by the end of the story Jennifer has become insert your name here.
You will feel her curiosity, A very interesting beginning to a new series Quite simple but very steamy and sexy story of BDSM exploring End in one huge cliffy so be prepared to rush into the next installment.
Rated it low because I hate these super short books that leave you at what should be the end of a chapter not the end of the book Now you have to spend another 3.
99 to readof the story and in this case there are 4 parts So, I won t read the rest of them.
É Letting Go (Letting Go, #1) · Frankly, could it have beenboring Letting Go The Seduction Series 1 by S T PrussingMy Grade DThe Blurb Feeling bored and unfulfilled, Jennifer seeks excitement exploring the online personals Driven by a need she does not fully understand, she responds to an ad that is definitely on the kinky side, never dreaming that she will actually follow through with a meeting But on the other side of the ad is a man who seems able to peer inside her head and heart at will When Jennifer knocks on his door, she is drawn into a sensual and sexual world she never knew existed This book is rated XXX and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY As I awoke this morning, this book review was writing itself in my head and I am now constrained to write it This book was recommend to me by an acquaintance who said it was better written than and is hotter than Fifty Shades The author,

Good Girl Sir Jennifer Author Scott Prussing has written a spectacularly seductive novel in the erotica genre The blurb intrigued me but the writing gripped my attention from chapter one until the very end Wow Jennifer was bound by thread, but Prussing knows how to push limits and test self control of his readers Intriguing characters, intense dialogue, erotic scenes and a story that seduced my mind and body This book definitely fits the title of Seduction I m excited to learnabout Sir, his good girl and if there isthan their D s relationship Worthy of 5 stars This was a short quick hot read Jennifer is missing something from her bland, boring, vanilla sex life and reading 50 Shades has awakened desires in her previously unknown She finally acts by answers an ad on Craigslist I don t recommend this She meets a Dom and after emailing and phone calls she goes to meet her Dom This was a hot BDSM book with crawling on the floor, ice and wax play, orgasm withholding, bondage, spanking, and no actual penetration I don t usually read BDSM written by men but this book was pretty good This was book one in this series and this was my first time reading this author This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.
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