I finished this book in 2 hours Thank you to the author for allowing me to get lost in this world Definitely recommend I really love werewolves and have been looking for a book like Runaway for quite some time Werewolf books are usually hit or miss with me and I m very glad this was a hit I don t want to spoil too much as I wouldn t want to ruin any of the fun, but the characters are well fleshed out and relatable, it was well paced and as exciting as any good page turner is After finishing the last page, Runaway left me wantingand I can t wait for the next book.
Highly Recommended.
I received a copy of this book from the author Sabine Wilder for an honest review.
I really enjoyed this story I am not normally one to read vampire werewolf stories, but this one surprised me It was an action filled thriller that just happened to incorporate vampires and werewolves Anna and Susan were typical high school girls who cared about each other like sisters and were thrust into a world the didn t understand.
I felt the story maintained a nice pace and was very interesting I would definitely like to readby Sabine Wilder in the future I am very glad she offered me a copy of this book.
Loved this book Literally didn t put it down from the time I started reading until I finished it I felt like I really knew the characters And with the characters that I wanted to knowabout, I get the distinct feeling I ll get their full backstories and personalities in the next book Wilder s style of writing drew me in, and I loved getting sucked into the pages This book is absolutely packed to the brim with action, intrigue and the perfect amount of romance Definitely not your typical werewolf vampire novel I can t wait to readfrom Wilder in the future I listened to the free audiobook version of Runaway, and while I can appreciate that the book was free and Sabine had a nice speaking voice, I m guessing that the rest of these reviews are from her friends and family The chapters of the book seem disconnected and the story line seems like something a middle school student would write I liked the beginning of the book when I thought that Susan Wolf s keen sense of smell and amazing running abilities were just interesting character traits Instead, Susan WOLF becomes a WOLF in one of the most poorly written chapters I ve ever read This book was full of cliches and I would not suggest it.

Title RunawayAuthor Sabine WilderISBN 9780994969910Buy Link Teresa Fallen AngelBlurb Susan Wolfe is your average high school senior, concerned with boys, grades and her favorite sport, cross country running However, her world gets flipped on its head when she discovers she is a werewolf Tragedy strikes, but before Susan can deal with it, her best friend Anna s life is put in danger Susan has to put her own burdens aside to save her friend Together the two girls have to find a way to survive, all the while putting their bond of friendship to the test Summary The review contains Spoilers read at your discretion.
As the first book written by this author, I found a complex story with characters who came to life as their lives unfolded for the reader Susan knew she was different from everyone in her ability to smell and see things ✓ Runaway ✓ I really enjoyed this novel and was sad to see it end The weaving together of supernatural elements like werewolves and vampires coupled with the overall plot and imagery was excellent I really hope that Ms Wilder has a sequel in the works, because I would certainly love to readabout these intricate characters I would highly recommend this book to fans of Twilight or any fan of young adult literature I really enjoyed this book I felt like I was running in Susan s shoes most of the time The characters are all really well fleshed out and I enjoyed the antagonist as well I appreciate the author s hint at romance, while not letting the characters go overboard and flooding the story with it, focusing on the events that were unfolding Great job.
OMG OMG I was going through the giveaways, and I Saw This OMG I have been looking for a YA Werewolf book FOR AGES OMG OMG I just finished the Intertwined series by Gena Showalter, and holy crap it was amazing The werewolf part of it was my favorite YA werewolf books are my favorite of all time There just needs to beWhen i read the synopsis of this book, i died on the inside This is exactly what i have been looking for, for ages now I love how the actual werewolf is a girl, and that she finds out that she is a werewolf Like OMG it sounds EPIC I will definatley try and get this soon Then i will read it as soon as i get it, then review it straight away Thank you so much Sabine for making this book It has now hit the top 3 of my TBR for 2016 Wolfe Is Your Average High School Senior, Concerned With Boys, Grades And Her Favourite Sport, Cross Country Running However, Her World Gets Flipped On Its Head When She Discovers She Is A Werewolf Tragedy Strikes, But Before Susan Can Deal With It, Her Best Friend Anna S Life Is Put In Danger Susan Has To Put Her Own Burdens Aside To Save Her Friend Together The Two Girls Have To Find A Way To Survive, All The Trailer Ö Runaway PDF by ✓ Sabine Wilder While Putting Their Bond Of Friendship To The Test

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