What is it about a story where the two lead characters are inexplicably drawn to each other that pulls me in From the start in Hide and Seek Dusty is drawn to David, like he can t help but be captivated by this sweet, innocent, broken young man ever before they even officially meet It s David s innocence that seems to encourage Dusty s attachment to him from the moment Dusty sees him, and also provokes a fierce protective streak in Dusty, starting them on the path to friendship and so much .
I simply adored both Dusty and David Dusty is independent, caring and lives his life on his own terms Before the incident with his brother, David was not accepted by his brother or mother because he is gay, and was subject to emotional and eventually physical abuse which ultimately led to David an W hrend Dusty am Krankenbett des schwer verletzten Jon wacht, liest er in der Zeitung ber David Thompson Dessen Bruder Dale hat das Massaker in einer Schwulen Bar in New York ver bt, bei dem Jon eben verletzt und Gio get tet wurde Je mehr Dusty von diesem David liest, desto neugieriger wird er Und durch Zufall entdeckt er in ein paar Zimmer weiter im Krankenhaus Einsam, schwer verletzt und im Koma Niemand sorgt sich um ihn, niemand besucht ihn und niemand weiss ob David jemals wieder aufwachen wird.
Dusty k mmert es aber Aus einem unerfindlichen Grund besucht er David jeden Tag Spricht zu ihm und sitzt einfach an seiner Seite Selbst als Jon das Krankenhaus schon verlassen hat Und Dusty ist es auch, der an Davids Seite ist, als dieser aus dem Koma erwacht.
F r David ist Dusty ein Fremder Allerdings hat er auch Erinnerungsl cken und sein Gehirn hat durch den Gewaltausbruch This didn t end up working for me, which sucks because I loved the hell out of the beginning will get my thoughts together soon I enjoyed how this overlapped with the last couple of books, and we get to see who Dusty has been seeing, and also we get to see all of the other characters that had their own stories in this great series I definitely recommend reading the other books in this series and read in order since all the other couples make appearances and things in this book happen during the same time of the previous books I loved the first half of this story, where we got to see Dusty and David falling for each other and learning about each other I loved their instant pull to each other and chemistry together Their story kinda lost me in the middle, everyone seemed justoverly emotional Like, melodramatic, between things with Dusty s mother and father, and their friends finding out about David s family ties, Anderson Left His Hometown In Justin, Texas For The Big Apple Not Long After Graduating High School With Dreams Of Becoming An Actor A Year Later, No Closer To Realizing His Dream But Pretty Damn Close To Being Broke, He Comes Across A Flyer In A Local Gay Bar That Provides A Solution To His Dilemma Six Years Later, Dusty Has All But Forgotten His Dream To Be An Actor The Family He [ read Online Hide and Seek Ï witches PDF ] by T.
Smith ð Gained When He Went To Work At All Cocks And The Job Itself Are Enough For Him, For Now At LeastDavid Thompson Is Barely Twenty One, High On Life And Starting His Second Year At NYU As An Art Student Now That He Is Old Enough To Enjoy The City S Night Life, David Finds His First Crush At A Local Hot Spot In The Village, The Monster Bar Young Love Is Laid To Rest Though, When David Comes Out To His Mother And Older Brother With Disastrous ResultsA Tragic Incident At The Hands Of David S Brother Changes The Course Of All Of Their Lives And Brings The Two Together, But Is It Coincidence Or Fate Regardless Of Unlikely Circumstance, Dusty Is Inexplicably Drawn To David, Who Suddenly Finds Himself Alone In The World Protective Of David From The Start, Dusty Realizes His Extended Family At All Cocks And His Best Friend Kory Will Not Understand This New Relationship Fearing The Worst, Dusty Plays A Dangerous Game Of Hide And Seek, Risking Everything To Keep David Safe And ShelteredBut Hiding Can Only Last For So Long, And David And Dusty Aren T The Only Ones Dealing With Uncertainties The Dimir Men Find That The One Thing They Ve Longed For Might Be Within Reach And Dusty S Father, Dean, Arrives In Town Unexpectedly With Secrets Of His Own Truths Come Out And Trust Is Put To The Test Can The All Cocks Family Find The Happiness They Deserve This Is The Th Book In The All Cocks Stories Series, The Series Would read Best If read In Order, But Each Book Can Be read As A Standalone Story

Hide and Seek is TM Smith s next installment of her All Cocks series The last book led to this one actually the last few kind of led to it Certainly it was building Here we have Dusty s story Dusty is one of the models for the All Cocks INC porn site He s been having a secret affair with someone that has the power to destroy friendships and so much .
David is as much a victim as Jon, Gio, and all the others from the night club massacre that changed so many lives But getting everyone to see that David isn t like his murderous brother could prove tricky.
On top of all of this Dusty is dealing with his father s, Dale, visit with huge news So a lot happens in this book A lot of beginnings for so many of the characters of this series I have no idea if this is the last book of the series or not but like I said, the last few books were leading up to this one.
H Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review This is Book 6 in the All Cocks Stories and I highly, highly, highly recommend you read the previous ones in the appropriate order There are a lot of characters in these books helpfully, TM Smith has a guide at the front to remind you who is who, trust me, it s needed Don t skip it and what I absolutely love is the characters continue throughout the series as supporting characters Even if it s just a quick glimpse of them at a cookout, they re in the story Hide and Seek is about Dusty and David who meet in an unusual way Honestly, it s really important to read previous books so you understand what is going on with the way they meet When David awakens, he doesn t know who Dusty is but he recognizes his voice and feels safe with him Dusty doesn t know why he s pull ↠´ Hide and Seek ☆ This one happens alongside the events in book five and towards the end of book four so you get an alternative view of what was going on with the other guys at that time.
This one s a real study in contrasts, the first third is centred on David coming out of his coma and getting his memories back who ve Dusty tries to work out why he has such strong feeling for the younger man.
Then, once that happens, the tensions sort of fade off a bit and it all goes a bit diary like, by that I mean it turns into less of a romance anda day to day exploration of the everyday lives of Dusty and David.
But it picks up again in the final third when new partnerships are set up or hinted at, the humour becomesnormal and bug changes c I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewAAAAHHHHHH Another All Cocks book I love this series We finally get to see the story of how Dusty and David come together, and it was wonderful They were mentioned as a couple before, but only in a minor way as other characters as Dusty when they are going to meet his new boyfriend From Dusty s curiosity about David from hearing about him to his eventual desire to not let David be alone in the hospital, there was some connection between them that pulled them together It was hard for Dusty to hide, but for him to see David suffer was worth it I loved getting to see the other guys in the AC universe, and I absolutely loved this newest addition.
this story is so good this series is able to be read alone but honestly it will makesense when read in order and i really enjoyed it this story is about david and dusty and the heartache surrounded around them.
they have so much heart break and so much love.
all of it put together and it was explosive and interesting very good

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