Would You Feel If You Woke Up One Day To Find You Were Part Of A Large Family Of Vampire Hunters Or That Your Mother Was A Vampire This Is Exactly What Landon And Katrina Have To Face When Their Parents Lies Begin To Unravel Before Their Eyes It Is Up To Them To Separate Fact From Fiction And Find Their Rightful Place In An Altered Ô read º Taken by Victoria Allred º Reality ¾ Taken ê Love it Ready for

Best vampire story I have read in a long time Vampires and Vampire hunters must unite Perhaps my big problem was the overwhelming amount of vampire books I have read in the past several months but I was not drawn in completely by this book Don t get me wrong it is a good story but it was confusing at times and that put me out of it The fact that I am not a big vampire girl probably didn t help that much either I was able to finish it and find myself satisfied with what I read and the outcome Vampire fans will enjoy this book muchthan me So for the vampire fans out there, grab a copy.

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