FIVE CARTER STARS Dear reader,I m in love with carter James.
sincerely, Lisa Jayne.
To say that I thought that this book was insanely gorgeous would be a huge understatement I m so happy right now I just want everybody to love this book just as much as I have Sincerely, Carter was everything I expected it could be and , with a cherry on top Whitney G is an author whom I have the biggest girl crush on, and I ve beenthan ready to read this book ever since I saw the cover reveal, total cover lust and I m happy to announce that I loved what was inside this book evenTotal bonus I think I may have to make the firm decision and crown Whitney G as the queen of the dirty talking heroes, because let s face it anyone who has enjoyed this authors writing is well aware that she loves to create a cheeky hero, and I for one can t help but fall in love with them all Carter James is not an FOUR NOM NOM STARS I m pretty sure it s been you since the fourth grade, because nowthan ever, I know that I m supposed to be with you, and you re supposed to be with me You belong to me, Ari, and you always will You rethan just my best friend, and I never want to be just friends again Arizona and Carter have been friends since early childhood It was a rocky start at first In the fourth grade they pretty much hated each other, or so they thought Somehow things change rather quickly and they become the best of friends I really enjoyed their letters to each other in the beginning I had quite a few laugh out loud moments.
Then we jump to present day, where both are graduating college and are headed towards their future Carter, will be going off to Law School and Ari is deciding on which culinary school to attend They re still th 4 StarsSome people come into your life for a reason, some a season, and some for a lifetimeUnless you ve been living under a rock like me apparently , you ve probably read this entertaining little gem If you didn t, you shouldlike immediatelySincerely, Carterbtw, I love the title very fitting, just perfect was hands down the best book I have read by this author and it was one of the sweetest friends to lovers story I ve read so far Not only it was a sweet read, but it was also funny with two of the most endearing characters I ve read about in a long timeI m Arizona His best friend Since fifth grade, I said Fourth grade, Carter Ari countered It was fourth gradeArizona and Carter have been best friends since fourth or five grade they are still debating They know everything about each other and they are always Craving Waffles and Ish Now StarsI am officially the LAST person to read this, apparently But whatevs Here s some mindless gibberish my review I have a lot going on IRL lately and have been in somewhat of a serious book funk for the last week or so on top of that Right boys Right So the other day I was perusing kindle unlimited because 1 I had been getting some awesomely decent reads through there prior to this book fuck, e.
, Sacked and Liability.
2 If I am going to read something shitty, it should at least be free 3 Cause you know what they say Kindle Unlimited gonna give it to ya What that s not how it goesAnyfunk.
As I was perusing I saw Sincerely, Carter and thought And I asked myself,Self, didn t we see this blasted the fuckI cuss at myself, yesall over our newsfeed earlier this year Yes, Self, we did And,Self don t we know better than to start sentences with and and wasn t th FriendsWe Re Just FriendsNo, Really She S Just My Best Friend Arizona Turner Has Been My Best Friend Since Fourth Grade, Even When We Hated Each Other We Ve Been There For One Another Through First Kisses, First Times, And We Ve Been Each Other S Constant When Good Relationships Turned Bad We Even Went To Colleges That Were Minutes Away From Each Other Throughout The Years, And Despite What Anyone Says, We Ve Never Crossed The LineNever Thought About ItNever Ì Sincerely, Carter Ì Download by Ç Whitney G.
Wanted ToUntil One Night Changed EverythingAt Least, Itshould Ve Just FriendsWe Re Just FriendsI M Only Saying This Until I Figure Out If She S Still Just My Best Friend

Just friends Just friends Some people come into your life for a reason, some a season, and some for a lifetimeI m super excited to recommend this story because I absolutely loved everything about it Arizona and Carter have been friends since fourth fifth grade and simply put, this story clicked all the qualities I look for in a book Their friendship was well portrayed and totally believable I absolutely loved both characters in this story along with fantastic humor, hot steamy scenes that made this story flow seemingly effortlessly Arizona and Carter s friendship was amazing and their startling fall intowas HOTTT The two best friends try to say it was a onetime thing but they can t get enough of one another and they have dates and time together that most authors completely leave out of stories and just give sex scenes but this author gave them waffles, boat rides Carter and Arizona had been best friends since fourth grade They exchanged notes , hateful at first, friendly afterwards They stood for each other and had each other s backs Holding on a friendship for so long without anything sexual going between them, many wondered how they managed to hold such a friendship for so many years.
They claim that they feel like brother and sister but suddenly one day things change and the line is being crossed But can they really pretend that it didn t happen and keep the friendship that they were holding onto all these years or things are about to change And what happens when Arizona decides to follow her dreams How is this going to change things between themHow the boy with itchy hair and gangly height from fourth grade had grown into the dominant and sexy man sitting next to me, I d never knowGod, I loved this book so much Even if I found a fe ✓ Sincerely, Carter ☆ 4 solid stars This book had my name written all over it Carter and Arizona have been friends since the 4th5th grade and have remained just friends They never felt an attraction towards each other And even though every single one of their friends have speculated about the nature of their relationship, they were never tempted to cross that line Until nowOne of the things which made this friends to lovers tale stood out for me was the fact that both Arizona and Carter never had feelings for each other, other than friends Most of the time, with this trope, usually one of them always has feelings for the other but tries to deny it in the fear of losing their friendship This wasn t the case here Arizona never looked at Carter that way and vice versa It wasn t until Carter saw Arizona the way his buddies saw her that the blinder fell off and then it 4 Sincerely Stars.
Carter and Ari were friends since childhood but despite being the most important person in each other s lives and knowing all each other secrets, they never thought of having anything together Until the night and the kiss the changes everything an as much as both want, neither of them can go back to what they were before and things aren t the same But change isn t always bad sometimes we just have to learn to adjust to a new reality I love friends to lovers stories and especially those when they meet when they re kids, which means this book checks all the boxes for me Add the steamy factor that Whitney got us used to, and it s a win.
This was a hilarious, sweet and heartwarming book that I simply loved to read There was some events towards the end that I really didn t like and that what keep 4,5 starsSome people come into your life for a reason, some a season, and some a lifetimeI liked this book, not loved liked but liked liked It was quick, cute and light reading I love friends to lovers trope and it was very well executed here Arizona and Carter have been best friends since fifth fourth grade They are great friends, they know everything about each other, they talk about everything, even to the point of discussing sexual encounters with others They are grown up now and somehow can t settle down with anyone else, always something standing in their way of lasting in a relationship with other people What they don t expect is the reason they can t make it work with others And don t you just love the moment, when they suddenly notice their best friend in a completely different light Once they do, things get interesting and totall

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